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Jasmine V Style – Vintage Chic

Jasmine looked very vintage chic recently on a boating trip with some friends, and she looked fabulous doing it!


Firstly, her staple piece, a gorgeous Material Girl Knit Cutout Bustier Dress. With that, she’s wearing her new favourite Jimmy Choo Wedges, and a Princess. P. Jewelry “Sasha” Bracelet.

If you were thinking of other shoes for this look, a simple pair of combat boots, or even your favourite sandals would work. :)

Get her dress here for $54.00 –

Get her Anchor bracelet here for only $16.00 –

And check out our previous blogs for her gorgeous Jimmy Choo wedges if you’re interested :)

What do you guys think? Perfect blend of classic and edgy?


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Jasmine V Style – Super Edgy Summer Look

Jasmine’s in the top of her style game lately with her upcoming EP, and I have to say, I’m loving everything!

She posted this photo showing off one piece from her new Hellz Bellz gear, this QB White Tee, some complimentary loose fitting black shorts, and these AMAZING guiseppe Zanotti Grommet Ankle-Band Sandals. Super edgy and perfect for summer.


Get her Hellz Bellz too here for $55 –

Get her Guiseppe Zanotti heels on sale here for a steep $529 –

Here’s a cheaper similar pair from Steve Madden for just $99 –

Lots of blog posts coming up so stay tuned! :)


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Jasmine V Style – Edgy Look

Hey Luvs! I’m so sorry I haven’t been posting much lately, had exams, calculus, biology, and chemistry all in three days it was a lot to prepare for! Haha. But it does mean it’s almost SUMMER!

Jasmine attended an event rocking this edgy look that definitely is showing off her flawless curves! She’s wearing a Badwood X Cropped Hoodie, Hellz Bellz Bout It Leggings, and her favourite Isabel Marant wedge sneakers! This look would be great for a summer night out with your friends, or even if you’re going to a non-formal event.


I’m kind of in love with the leggings myself! <3

Get her look below and keep checking back for tons more #jasminevstyle !

Hoodie ($50.00) –

Leggings ($70.00) –

Shoes – check our previous blogs.

Did you guys like this look? Let me know at or on Instagram @jasminevstyle :)


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Here I come San Francisco !!!

Come join me!

6.11.14 Wild 949 small

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jasminators chk us out in @cosmoforlatinas this issue, send luv to @EXCLUSIVLee and @mhmwriter for including us


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Jasmine V Style – “My Bad!”

It may not be winter anymore, but beanies are still a fantastic accessory in the springtime or summer nights. Especially on those bad hair days! Girls, you know what I’m talking about.

Jasmine posed with her cousin KitKat wearing this Petals & Peacocks “My Bad!” Beanie.

I’m not sure what she wore this with, but myself, I think it’d look great with a plain but cute white top tucked into (depending on the style) a spring coloured skirt of your choice, with some black converse. Casual and still super cute :)

But of course there’s no limits on a simple graphic beanie!

Get jasmine’s here for $30.00 –

Keep checking back for more style inspiration from the one and only Jasmine V! :)

-Caitlyn McLaughlin


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Jasmine V Style – Springtime

Spring time lover jasmine v rocked this look the other day while out with her brother and a friend. I love this! It’s more on the neutral side but still an amazing outfit to rock in the upcoming warm months.

She’s first wearing an Urban Outfitters Sweater Dress with side cutouts. Unfortunately, this is sold out online but check your local stores!

She’s also wearing timberlands, which are available at most shoe stores and are cheaper in store than online. However if you want a link you can hit me up on Instagram, kik, or tumblr, @JasmineVStyle :)

This is also an outfit you could transition into winter, simply by adding some cute tights. :)

Can’t wait to see the rest of jasmines looks this year! She’s off to a fantastic start.



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Just Jasmine #41

New just jasmine check it out on YouTube #jasminators! #justjasmine41

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Jasmine V Style – World of Dance

Jasmine looked fabulous at world of dance the other day. Bright colours for a bright spring day!

She’s first wearing a white tank top. These are easy to find and are like $5 at forever 21 :)
Next, she’s wearing these Sorella Boutique Revamp Sweatpants in Red. I LOVE the colour red of her! Girls, if you can rock red, you can rock any colour!
Lastly, she’s wearing her gold nikes, which she wore not too long ago hanging out with a couple friends (in a past blog)

She looks beautiful, daring, and dance ready.

Get her Sorella sweatpants here for $65 (comes with the top in the photo) –

What did you guys think of her look? :)




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